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Employment Consultant (Part-Time)
Hiring Range $18-$20 per hour
Location: Columbia, Maryland

Posted 2.1.2024


Job Title: Employment Consultant for Persons with Visual Impairments


Job Overview:

We are seeking a compassionate and dedicated Job Coach to provide support and guidance to individuals with visual impairments in their pursuit of meaningful employment. The successful candidate will work closely with clients, employers, and community partners to facilitate a positive and inclusive work environment. The Job Coach will play a crucial role in empowering individuals with visual impairments to achieve their career goals and enhance their independence.




1. Individual Assessment:

   - Conduct comprehensive assessments to identify the unique abilities, skills, and challenges of clients with visual impairments.

   - Collaborate with clients to set realistic and achievable employment goals.


2. Job Placement:

   - Work closely with employers to identify suitable job opportunities and accommodations for individuals with visual impairments.

   - Assist clients in the job application process, including resume development and interview preparation.


3. Training and Skill Development:

   - Provide personalized training to enhance job-related skills and adaptability in the workplace.

   - Offer guidance on the use of assistive technologies and adaptive strategies to perform job tasks effectively.


4. Advocacy:

   - Advocate for the rights and accommodations of individuals with visual impairments in the workplace.

   - Collaborate with employers and co-workers to foster a supportive and inclusive work environment.


5. On-the-Job Support:

   - Offer ongoing support to clients in the workplace, addressing challenges and promoting independence.

   - Facilitate communication between clients and employers to ensure a smooth transition and integration into the work environment.


6. Progress Monitoring and Reporting:

   - Track and document the progress of clients in achieving their employment goals.

   - Provide regular reports to stakeholders on individual and programmatic successes and challenges.


7. Community Engagement:

   - Build and maintain partnerships with community organizations, vocational rehabilitation services, and educational institutions to enhance job opportunities for individuals with visual impairments.



- Bachelor's degree in a related field (e.g., Rehabilitation Counseling, Special Education, Social Work). Will consider seniors in their last year of their undergraduate program.

- Experience working with individuals with visual impairments or disabilities.

- Advocacy skills and a commitment to promoting inclusivity in the workplace.

- Ability to collaborate effectively with clients, employers, and community partners.

-Driver's license and reliable transportation.

-Clean criminal history. Background check is required.


Working Conditions:

The position may require travel to various work sites and community locations. Flexibility in working hours may be necessary to accommodate the needs of clients and employers.


If you are passionate about making a positive impact in the lives of individuals with visual impairments and creating inclusive workplaces, we invite you to apply for this rewarding Job Coach position.

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